"Pupils are proud of their school. They respect their teachers and appreciate that they help them to achieve their best. They feel very safe because they know that adults listen to them and care about them. OFSTED 2020"


Our Curriculum Areas


  • Overview

    We have been working hard to ensure our Curriculum fully meets the National Curriculum as well as inspiring our children to learn.  In this section, you will find our overall aims for our Curriculum as well as long term maps for each year group.

    The curriculum at West Haddon Endowed CE Primary is designed to:

    Equip all children with positive attitudes, skills and knowledge to enable them to enjoy their childhood and serve as a foundation for further development
    Place Christian values at the heart of everything we do
    Provide a happy environment that is caring, nurturing and supportive for everyone involved in our school
    Treat the children as individuals and encourage them to reach their potential
    Maintain and strengthen our links with the wider community Click here to view the overview of our curriculum.Click here to view our Long Term curriculum Map for each year group.
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  • Maths

    At West Haddon we believe that maths is essential to everyday life and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment. A high-quality mathematics education provides a platform for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject. Our mathematics curriculum is designed to support the key aspects of our school vision: to ‘ensure that every child leaves our school with an outstanding education’ and to ensure children are able to ‘contribute positively to society’. This recognises how essential mathematics is to everyday life; its links and application in a range of real-life situations and subjects; and the importance of mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding for financial literacy and future employment.
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  • Reading

    In Reception and Key Stage 1, children are taught to read through daily phonics lessons and we value reading as a key life skill. We value reading as a key life skill, and are dedicated to enabling our children to become confident readers who have a love for reading. We believe reading is key for academic success and so to ensure we have a holistic approach to the teaching of reading. We expect that all children develop their reading both in school and at home.
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  • Writing

    At West Haddon Primary School children are provided with opportunities to write in many different contexts, for different purposes and audiences, across our school curriculum. Children are taught to form their letters correctly, leading to a fluent and legible style, and become increasingly aware of the conventions of writing, including grammar, punctuation and spelling. The children will: experience a wide range of writing activities to include both chronological and non chronological writing relate writing to their own experiences and environment discuss their writing frequently, talking about the various types and purposes of writing be aware of the need to write legibly and to use layout and space effectively to aid the reader experience grammatical vocabulary such as: sentence, verb etc. in line with the National Curriculum, through specifically designed activities read examples of good writing in various forms and recognise the criteria for such writing have experience of and become accustomed to drafting and redrafting their work write in response to a wide range of stimuli become increasingly aware of the role of dictionaries and thesauruses become increasingly aware of spelling rules In Nursery we provide the children with lots of opportunities to develop their early writing skills using a variety of methods such as mark making in the sand, paint as well as using different equipment from chalks, paint brushes to pens and pencils.
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  • Phonics

    At West Haddon Primary School we teach Phonics using an adapted Read, Write, Inc programme. The is a systamic approach to the teaching of reading and it enables children to become accurate and speedy readers. In Nursery, children take part in daily phonic activities using the resources from Phase One of Letters and Sounds, which includes environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, rhyming, body percussion, voice sounds, alliteration and moves on to oral blending and segmenting. Then moving on from Phase One the children will be taught the letters of the alphabet using pure sounds.
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  • Special Educational Needs

    West Haddon C of E Endowed Primary School is an inclusive school and as such we believe that the best provision for children who have additional needs is quality first teaching. However, should a child need a more focused intervention then they are withdrawn at certain times during the day for extra teaching in relevant areas. The school has a dedicated and skilled team of teachers and teaching support staff who work with the children on a range of intervention programmes. Where necessary we access support from outside agencies such as Educational Psychology or Behaviour Support.
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  • Religious Education

    We are proud to be a Church of England school, and see our close working relationships with the Diocese as a way to ensure we work together in meeting our aim of equipping every child with an outstanding education and the values and character to lead a full and positive life. The teaching of Religious Education, and the promotion of Christian Values in everything that we do, is a crucial part of this wider education. Religious Education at West Haddon plays a fundamental role in realising our school vision: to ‘ensure that every child leaves our school with an outstanding education the values and character to live life in its fullness, contributing positively to society.’ It is intended that Religious Education, through developing children’s spiritual, moral and civic character, plays its part in preparing children to flourish in the complex world around them. Teaching in Religious Education follows the agreed Northamptonshire syllabus (2018 – 2023) in combination with Diocesan guidance.
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  • Early Years

    Our aim is to create a happy and stimulating learning environment where your child has opportunities to build on their foundations. The early years are critical in children’s development and we are committed to providing the very best start to your child’s school life. We provide children with a rich variety of teaching and learning experiences that are appropriate to their needs. The Foundation Stage is about developing key learning Skills as well as nurturing and preparing the children for the ever changing world around them.
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